eLearnReady Assessment and Advising System

Free Student Readiness Tool for Online Learning

Easy Steps 1 – 2 – 3

When students are taking the eLearnReady assessment (student readiness) survey, they will visit a smartphone friendly survey page. This survey analyzes students’ degree of readiness for participating in online courses. Based upon research and statistical analysis, we identified nine important factors that include: 1) Self-Motivation, 2) Self-Management, 3) Feedback, 4) Interaction, 5) Reading: Visual Text, 6) Reading: Visual Graphics, 7) Listening, 8) Technology, and 9) Course Management System.

After completing the survey, students will be provided an assessment (readiness) report based on their responses to the survey items. This report contains graphical information, study tips in text, and videos to support their study habits. Students can use the personalized report and get better with online learning. In addition, this report page provides a link for students, so they can share it with instructors and academic advisors.

If you are an instructor and want to view aggregated students’ responses as a class profile, you can create an account with this system and generate a survey link specifically for your class. With eLearnReady, you will gain a deep understanding of your students’ readiness for the online learning environment and ideas for supporting students’ online learning abilities in the form of study tips. Plus, instructors are also offered teaching and communication methods to meet the needs of individual classes.